so much happening

over the past couple weeks, i haven’t posted. SO SO SO SORRY!!! in the middle of finals upon finals, marching band activities, wifi issues, and just life, i couldn’t find time for posting. the good thing is i have so many new and cool ideas for posting that will be arriving shortly 😉


diy mother’s day gift ideas

mother’s day: may 10, 2015.

here’s some ideas of what to give your mom for mothers day. all of these ideas are things you can create by yourself, which makes the gift even more special because you put your time and effort into making the gift.

1. the classic note
making a creative letter for your mom can be very heartfelt. if you are more artistic, you can make a card alone, or add it with another gift. take some cardstock paper and any art supplies you need (colored pencils, markers, or even water color paints). get creative with it and do your own thimothers-day-paintingng.
if you are better with computers, creating cards can be a way to go. search up card making website such as

i made this last year for my mom 🙂

2. canvas art
canvas’ are a little more expensive but you can do a lot of things with it. canvas’ are found at your local art store like a c moores and michaels. you can create crayon art (gluing crayons however you want along the canvas and taking a hairdryer and melting the crayons).

3. collage 
making a collage of pictures of your family and your mom is sweet and doesn’t cost much money. you can either make a paper poster or a wood poster. print out pictures and arrange them on the collage so that there are no white spaces.

4. bMothers-day-gift-basketuying items
buying things from stores can also be really sweet and memorable. you can buy jewelry, makeup, or a spa or pamper day for your mom.

5. household items
HW003-GreyKitchen-Insetmaking things for your mom to use around the house is both useful and sweet. making things such as signs to put on the wall (buy a piece of wood, paint, and decorate), making holders for either makeup brushes or kitchen utensils.

(for ideas)

6. body care
giving your mom things to take care of her body is cool to make, nice to smell, and caring to give your mom. making things such as hair masks, body lotion, or face scrubs or masks. links such as


7. knitting or crocheting
finalcard-headerif you know how to knit or crochet, making something shows time, care, and effort. make things like bags, scarfs, tops, headbands, or others.

reasons why vanessa is everything goals



whether its short or long, she rocks whatever hair she has. perfect.

ombre, blonde, brown, black, highlights.



2. HER FACE.Vanessa-Hudgens-Medium-Curly-Hairstyle

look at her smile. so pretty. everything is amazing.

face goals.



she can literally rVanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler : Shopping Pairock everything

whether boho, casual, edgy.





Vanessa Hudgens - with boyfriend- out of church service in Hollywood-07article-0-1A32B74C00000578-224_634x796

the pictures speak for themselves.

austin butler and vanessa hudgens.


they are just both so perfect together.

otp otp otp otp alert.

basically everything is perfect about vanessa. her hair, her acting, her singing, her relationship, her style, and her face. i can’t fit anymore pictures but she is perfect endlessly.

tell someone you love them

today was a normal day: i got up, brushed my hair, packed my stuff to go to my moms house for the next week, ate breakfast, played with my sister, watched some tv, then went to my moms house and fell asleep. when i woke up, my friend was telling me to go to the relay for life event.

cv_14_6222029935107525192relay for life. i’ve always heard about these events, but never knew ahead of time of when they were so i could never go. i knew people gathered and fundraised for certain things, and walked around a track. i went because i had nothing to do at home, and my friend’s mom had cancer a little while back and i wanted to support her.

when i got there, i just saw the track i always pass when i go home. there were tents set up, different kiosks, and people walking around. i found my friends, and we started running and having fun. there were white paper bags dedicated to people who either were lost by cancer or survived cancer.

after a little while when it started to get dark, the overhead lights were turned off, and the candles in the paper bags were lit. everyone started gathering at the start of the track, and walked around the track, seeing all the paper bags lined up along the track.

looked something like this
looked something like this

as i was walking, i saw all the paper bags, with people’s names on them. there were so many that said “in memory of”, but a lot that said “in honor of”, which meant they beat the cancer. many were of relatives, and some were of parents, children, or siblings. i’m lucky i haven’t lost any of my family members or any close friends to cancer or illness, but as i was walking, i thought of those people.

their family members were taken suddenly from them, with just a couple words: “you have cancer“. just out of nowhere, they have a death sentence. people fight. they fight hard for their life. some make it, and some don’t. cancer sometimes happens for no reason at all. no smoking, no drugs, no alcohol. they just have a diagnosis.

going to this event made me think. some of our most closest loved ones can be gone so suddenly without any warning. accidents happen, illness’s occur, and death comes suddenly. loved ones are ripped from our lives, even if they did nothing wrong. it lead me to this conclusion: cherish every moment of your life and cherish yourself; cherish the moments with your loved ones, and protect your body. you are someone’s loved one, and they hold onto you dearly. eat a little healthier, go to the gym a bit more, and go out and spend time with your family. tell a family member you love them. feel grateful that you have loved ones to surround you and support you. even if they get mad, know that people love you. they will always love you. if you think you don’t have people who love you, know i love you and there will be many people who will. 


studying for exams

exam time is stressful: whether state regulated tests, end of course exams, or finals. 

here’s some tips to study, destress, and get ready for tests:

  • SLEEEPPP: usually studying takes some all nighters if you don’t plan right. make sure to sleep well and plan in advance so you will be awake to actually take the test. 
  • planning: planning is important to pace yourself to get everything reviewed before you take the test. make a chart to see which chapters or sections to review each week. 
  • sectioning: sectioning the material you need to review is important because it will give you guidelines and will show you how much and how long you need to take to study. 
  • study guide: for me, I study the best when I make study guides from the books the tests are on. create a document and write down all you need to remember. include pictures so you get the material better. you can also download it onto the phone to study during spare time. 
  • questions: be sure to ask any questions to your teacher or instructor if you are not 100% sure on the material. 
  • study groups: studying with groups of friends can help you learn the material better, and have some fun at the same time. make sure to actually study and not play around the whole time. set up a date and time and meet at a quiet place so you know you will get work done. 
  • food: on the day of the test, make sure you have plenty of food to eat so that you won’t be hungry during the test. 

the night before the test, treat yourself and take some time to relax. study and review your material, but not overdone. take a bath, or watch some tv. make sure to eat a nice breakfast and plan your time well. 

good luck on your exams!! 🙂