what time is it? summer time!!

summer is full of theme park days, weekend getaways, pool parties, and being outside the whole day. here’s some summer essentials to bring with you for those days that are outside the whole day ! IMG_0307• SUNSCREEN! sunscreen is crucial to protect your skin from the heat. even if the sun is barely out, the rays that sunscreen protect against are still out. depending on how long you are out in the sun, the spf level changes. if it is around an hour under the direct sun, you should get at least 30 spf. if you are out in the sun for the whole day, get at least 50 spf and apply every two hours or so.

• SUNGLASSES!! just as important as protecting your skin, your eyes need protecting as well to go against the UV rays of the sun. you can find cheap ones at Forever 21 that are also really cute. sunglasses can be both protecting and fashionable.

•SHOES! unless you are going flipflops2places that are for hiking and walking long distances, open toed shoes, flats, and flip flops are a must. you don’t realize it, but if your feet are hot, it affects your whole body on how hot you feel.

f138161249c5dec8ed28ed3408022189• CLOTHES! the types of clothes you wear also affect how hot you feel. wearing tight fitting clothes like stretchy tank tops and tight shorts actually make you feel more hot. the heat is piled up as hot waves pass through. wearing loose fitting tanks, shirts, and shorts will help air pass through to cool you down. dresses are also good for summer and super cute. • MAKEUP! if you wear makeup, wearing minimal makeup is better in the summer. wearing bb cream instead of foundation is less intense for your face, and a bit of concealer. skip the bronzer and blush if you can. wearing light waterproof eye liner and mascara is most ideal. bv8r16-l-610x610-bag-purses-leather-crossbody+bag-prettty-wanderlust-tumblr-cute-shorts-summer-nails• BAGS! during summer, small crossbody bags should replace bulky hand bags. smaller bags that you can wrap around yourself is more breathable and more convenient. it’ll be more convenient when going around exploring during summer. • SWIMSUIT! if you’re going to a pool party or a water theme park, obviously, swimsuits are a must. a sheer, long t-shirt can be used as a swimsuit cover up to block harmful sun. be sure to wear sunscreen. swimsuits come in any shape and form, bikinis being the most common. when choosing swimsuits, make sure you can move around comfortably, and covers everything well. HAVE FUN DURING THE SUMMER LOVES. ENJOY EVERYDAY AND LIVE TO THE FULLEST. FOCUS ON THE HAPPY!! I LOVE YOU BABES!!!!


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