how to : do well in high school

the only true answer to how to survive high school is you don’t. it’s nothing like the musical. it’s full of sleepless, stressful nights. there will be breakdowns and bad grades. but it’s been the best time of my life. you will get through it. it’ll be worth it.

so here’s some tips on how to somewhat manage survival in high school, and have a good high school career. enjoy!

1. time management: it is literally the number one thing that is the issue for me. days in high school seem so much longer. first off, school starts at 7:20, and i get to school at around 6:45. from then on, there’s 8 classes. at 3, school gets out, but i usually have to stay until around 4 or later because of clubs. then it’s homework time.

  • in order to manage my time well, i use a timer. i have my timer on for 20 minutes on my phone and i do my homework based on how many times the timer goes off. for example, i’ll try to do easier class, like math, in one timer. and for harder classes, like ap classes, i try to finish my homework in 2 timers.

try to time yourself while doing homework, which helps you to complete everything on time.

  • another thing to help is using a planner. with projects, planning little by little will help you complete the whole thing on time. seriously, actually planning and completing things based on a planner helps so much.

2. join some clubs: joining a couple clubs help make friends and enhance your college apps. join clubs that interest you, but don’t choose too many. for me, i joined hosa [a health science club] and mao [math competition club]. don’t overwhelm yourself, and make sure that the clubs you’re joining don’t clash.

3. do more. some teachers give extra credit, and you should always take the opportunity to get extra points. the assignments that they assign are usually harder, and if you can do it well, it impresses the teacher and boosts your grade. also try doing more practice questions. for example, in math, try doing more questions than the teacher actually assigns. it helps to understand the material and it definitely has helped me on tests.

4. community service. if you know what you want to do, try applying to organizations related to your interests. if you don’t, theres still many community opportunities out there. service hours look really good on college apps, and it’ll help develop your character. for example, volunteering at a summer camp, hospital, or your local library are good ways to help out the community.

these last two are optional, but will definitely help with college apps.

get to know your counselor. getting ready for college will be a lot easier if you get to know your counselor.

look up colleges. if you know what you want to major in, start looking up good colleges for your major. try to pick your favorite school, and maybe even plan to visit. it will motivate you to do better and get in.

good luck with your studies. enjoy yourself. be yourself. love you babes :).