how to : do well in high school

the only true answer to how to survive high school is you don’t. it’s nothing like the musical. it’s full of sleepless, stressful nights. there will be breakdowns and bad grades. but it’s been the best time of my life. you will get through it. it’ll be worth it.

so here’s some tips on how to somewhat manage survival in high school, and have a good high school career. enjoy!

1. time management: it is literally the number one thing that is the issue for me. days in high school seem so much longer. first off, school starts at 7:20, and i get to school at around 6:45. from then on, there’s 8 classes. at 3, school gets out, but i usually have to stay until around 4 or later because of clubs. then it’s homework time.

  • in order to manage my time well, i use a timer. i have my timer on for 20 minutes on my phone and i do my homework based on how many times the timer goes off. for example, i’ll try to do easier class, like math, in one timer. and for harder classes, like ap classes, i try to finish my homework in 2 timers.

try to time yourself while doing homework, which helps you to complete everything on time.

  • another thing to help is using a planner. with projects, planning little by little will help you complete the whole thing on time. seriously, actually planning and completing things based on a planner helps so much.

2. join some clubs: joining a couple clubs help make friends and enhance your college apps. join clubs that interest you, but don’t choose too many. for me, i joined hosa [a health science club] and mao [math competition club]. don’t overwhelm yourself, and make sure that the clubs you’re joining don’t clash.

3. do more. some teachers give extra credit, and you should always take the opportunity to get extra points. the assignments that they assign are usually harder, and if you can do it well, it impresses the teacher and boosts your grade. also try doing more practice questions. for example, in math, try doing more questions than the teacher actually assigns. it helps to understand the material and it definitely has helped me on tests.

4. community service. if you know what you want to do, try applying to organizations related to your interests. if you don’t, theres still many community opportunities out there. service hours look really good on college apps, and it’ll help develop your character. for example, volunteering at a summer camp, hospital, or your local library are good ways to help out the community.

these last two are optional, but will definitely help with college apps.

get to know your counselor. getting ready for college will be a lot easier if you get to know your counselor.

look up colleges. if you know what you want to major in, start looking up good colleges for your major. try to pick your favorite school, and maybe even plan to visit. it will motivate you to do better and get in.

good luck with your studies. enjoy yourself. be yourself. love you babes :).


hair transformation: long to short !!

hey loves!

so sorry for not posting; i keep writing drafts and then i don’t have enough time to edit or finish them. but right now i’m determined to finish this post.

IMG_5295SOO, recently (AS IN 3 HOURS AGO), i cut my own hair. ME. CUTTING. MY. OWN. HAIR. i had pretty long hair. it was really really straight and it was the same everyday. it had been a long time since i’d gotten a haircut, so my hair was pretty settled and flat. then i saw pictures of people with lobs (long bobs) and they all looked gorgeous. i didn’t think of cutting it at first, but then i realized my hair had no body and was the same thing everyday. after around a week, i tried to see what my hair would look like shorter.

after thinking for another two weeks, i started looking up ways to cut hair. the reason for cutting my own hair is because every time i go to the salon i end up not getting what i want even if i bring pictures. i watched youtube videos and thought of a method.

after having a method and wanting to cut my hair, i still waited another week and a half after actually cutting it. yesterday, i was really wanting to cut my hair and just decided i would do it. my mom gave me a pair of hair shears and a comb and i went into the bathroom. i cut a little to see what it would be like, and i just started cutting more. i honestly wasn’t emotionally attached cutting my hair after the first cut. i played around and messed around until i was happy with it.

OUTCOME: i’m so glad i cut my hair. it started out as wanting to cut off split ends and it turned into something that i’m proud of and i am so glad i did.

if you want to cut your hair and transform you hair, read on.

1. decide whether you want to cut your hair: play with your hair to see what it would look like shorter. decide what length you think you look better in. go with what you think you would look better in; don’t go with a hairstyle someone else looks great in. consider your face shape and decide. look at the website below for help.

2. find inspiration: once you find the hairstyle you want, look up examples of it. find which type you like best and gather a lot of pictures. these are the pictures i found.

IMG_5298 IMG_5300IMG_5282IMG_5301once you find inspiration, wait at least a week to see if you still like it.

3. wait a little: waiting some time will mean less chance of regret for you. it makes yourself sure you want the haircut and make you happier.

4. decide how to cut it: decide how you want to cut it. decide whether you want to get it professionally done or do it yourself.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.54.48 PMcutting layers yourself: the way i cut my hair was i split my hair in half from ear to ear. i took the top half and put it in a ponytail all the way at the top of my head. (like in the picture). in the picture, it’ll result in two layers. the way i did it (half hair at a time), it gave me three layers.

decide where you want to cut your hair, and then put a ponytail where you want to cut. then cut in a straight line above the ponytail. if you want more of a v shape in your hair, cut above the ponytail diagonally.

5. trimming and fixing up: to make the cut less blunt, thinning shears and point cutting is what would be best. if you don’t have thinning shears like i did, use regular scissors or shears. using this would give you more volume and is better for short hair. take a small section of hair and cut little bits off as you go down (like really really little snips). point cutting would make your cut less blunt and a little shorter. take sections of hair, slide to the end, and cut vertical to your hair. it will take some hair off make the cut softer.

6. ENJOY YOUR HAIR!!!! once you’re happy with your hairstyle, take a second and admire your work. play with your hair and see how you want to wear it and style it. take some pictures and show people your work. BE PROUD AND ENJOY YOUR NEW HAIR 🙂 !!!

IMG_4503 IMG_7005

here’s how my hair turned out 🙂 i gave myself bangs by accident but i love the way it turned out.


so much happening

over the past couple weeks, i haven’t posted. SO SO SO SORRY!!! in the middle of finals upon finals, marching band activities, wifi issues, and just life, i couldn’t find time for posting. the good thing is i have so many new and cool ideas for posting that will be arriving shortly 😉

take the chance

hi people of the internet!

i have little hobbies that i would like to look into in the future, such as learning instruments, cooking and baking, and knitting. my time is usually overloaded with schoolwork, free time, and working out. one of these hobbies is creating a blog, and now i’m taking the chance. i’ve seen so many blogs on the internet that are so interesting and so intellectual. so now i am taking the chance and starting a blog of my own. thanks internet.